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– Online trading 

What can you trade?

Physical industrial wood pellet cargoes / part-cargoes

Standardised spec, standard T&Cs

One of a number of origins

One of a number of delivery points in Northern Europe

Prompt delivery periods or longer dated contracts


The screen

Bids & offers visible to all

Trade alerts sent to all

Fully comparable pricing basis

Quick & easy access to spot markets


– The trade process 

Bid / offer posted anonymously on screen

Counterparties' identities revealed to
each other

Price, volume and delivery period communicated to the market

Data included in index calculation

Trade executed on screen

product specs

delivery T&Cs

Pre-approved credit between participants

How do I know I won't be matched
with someone I can't trade with?

All market participants create and maintain a list of counterparties with whom they can trade. Permissions can be conditional (e.g. buy only, sell only) or time-bound (limited to certain periods along the forward curve). We'll show you the  bids and offers of counterparties with whom you can trade in red. Those of other parties will be in pink, and won't be executable. 


Interested in the globalBIOMASS
online trading platform?

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