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– Market & price data 

Our pricing data will shed light on an opaque market – with a particular focus on prompt period price discovery

– Adrian Hills, globalBIOMASS

What data will globalBIOMASS generate?

Real-time bids and offers for physical wood pellet cargoes

Transaction alerts, including price, volume & delivery period

Daily snapshot of market spreads and best bids and offers

Daily closing curves for the prompt periods

What makes the globalBIOMASS data different?


What you see is what you get; we apply no subjective assessment or journalistic interpretation to the market data we publish


All our pricing data is basis our standard specification and T&Cs, so that each price is 100% comparable; we do not normalise the data we publish


By posting on the platform, market participants are putting their money where their mouth is, as all prices can be traded by a meaningful number of counterparties 


Could globalBIOMASS' market data
change the way you do business?

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